Identifying your skills gap

June 12, 2017

We know it doesn't sound like the most appealing thing you will do during you break, but try to take some time to do a skills gap analysis before you head back to campus for Semester Two.  It doesn’t matter... Read More

Mid-year graduates…are you ready?

June 9, 2017

Are you one of the many students who started mid-year a few short years back? Or a student who has studied part-time or juggled studies about? If that’s the case - you might have just about finished your... Read More

The importance of emotional intelligence

May 15, 2017

The ability to identify and monitor your own emotions is one of the most important things you can learn both at university and in the workplace. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is a term that was coined in the... Read More

Boost your employability

May 1, 2017

More and more often these days, our degrees aren't necessarily taking us down a straightforward career path. This may be due to the current job market, the type of course you are studying or a personal... Read More

Top tips for perfecting your LinkedIn profile

April 3, 2017

Everyone seems to have a LinkedIn profile, but not everyone is using it to it's full potential. Here are a few tips for perfecting your profile. Add a profile picture It sounds obvious, but make sure you... Read More

Getting started with LinkedIn

March 31, 2017

If you haven’t been brave enough to dive into LinkedIn, getting your profile up onto this social media networking platform is quickly becoming the way to go. Organisations are really tapping into LinkedIn... Read More

Tackling the cover letter

March 17, 2017

Cover letters: easily the peskiest part of the job application process. They are usually left to the last minute after spending hours on your resume, quite often cut and paste from the last job application you... Read More