Creating a standout portfolio – part one

September 20, 2017

For accounting graduates, the ability to balance debit and credit accounts is essential. For humanities students, understanding numbers doesn’t matter so much, it’s the professional portfolio that grabs an... Read More

What’s On: 18 – 22 September

September 15, 2017

Can’t decide if you want to travel or buy a house? We’ve got some events on this week that might help you work it out. There’s employment opportunities, tips on workplace behaviours, a chance to travel,... Read More

Compassionate Community Spirit

September 15, 2017

Curtin University Law and Commerce student Asha Healy recently discovered that “youths have the power to create change” after she attended the 8th University Leadership Symposium in Bangkok last month.... Read More

Learn how to make decisions like a pro

September 14, 2017

Flat white, latte or cappuccino? Does the time you take to make seemingly simple decisions have your friends rolling their eyes in the line behind you at the coffee shop? Or do you prefer to leave the... Read More

Three easy ways to grow your industry knowledge

September 12, 2017

If you suddenly found yourself alone in a lift with a person of influence in your chosen industry, would you be able to talk to them about current trends? How about the latest innovations or some recent... Read More

What’s On: 11 – 15 September

September 8, 2017

We continue to blast our way through Semester 2 2017. Can you believe we are mid way through September already? As ever there's lots happening on campus including an employer visit from Disney and workshops... Read More

Seven ways to lift your LinkedIn game

September 8, 2017

How much do you understand about making LinkedIn work for you? Maybe you’ve heard it’s just a place to upload your resume and wait for employers to find you? The truth is, LinkedIn is so much more than an... Read More

Teamwork skills that will boost your resume

September 6, 2017

When you’re looking through job ads and position descriptions, have you noticed how some requirements feature in the selection criteria for almost every job? The ability to work as part of a team, and the... Read More