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Georgiou Group Answers Your Questions

March 7, 2014 by Curtin CEL Team

Georgiou Group Answers Your Questions

Georgiou recruits mainly from disciplines aligned to Built Environment and Engineering, is there a quota to fill in both areas or do you look more towards the individual over the degree?

We do initially look for an approximate 70/30 split (70% Engineer 30% Construction Management) as this is the way Georgiou is divided in terms of capability. Each Business Unit (Building, Engineering, Infrastructure WA, Queensland and Victoria) commits to a minimum number of graduates per year and, dependent on work-in-hand, have the opportunity to increase this number throughout the year.

That being said, we do employ at the individual level so if a candidate shines at recruitment, we will endeavour to make space. We lend a lot of weight to the personality of the individual over the type of degree or GPA they achieve. We actively look for applicants who have gained some kind of relevant experience during their study. Our recruitment assessments focus on key areas such as communication, teamwork, innovation and leadership skills. Although we don’t expect the graduates to have an abundance of leadership type skills, we are able to get a feel for how they will fit into a very team orientated business such as ours.

As a national building construction, engineering and property development company what do you see as the main trends affecting the industry?

From a company point of view, providing a much more consultative and collaborative service to our clients is a significant trend that is allowing our project capability to increase massively. Our clients demands are growing as the industry becomes tighter and, because of this, we are required to offer a far more inclusive service. The cost and availability of materials and equipment continues to be a challenge which has a knock-on effect to the bottom line.

As always, the availability of skilled workers (particular in the engineering space) is an ongoing challenge that continues to drive up direct labour costs. The Graduate Development Program is one of many initiatives Georgiou has undertaken to try and compensate for this shortage. By affording our young professionals the exposure to real project experiences as early in as possible, we are building their own capability as well as ensuring we have a pipeline of skilled engineering and construction people to lead us into the future.

Georgiou has its headquarters in Perth, WA with branches in Victoria and Queensland, are you most likely to recruit from WA graduates?

We recruit the majority of graduates in Western Australia due to our sheer number of projects. The current split is:

WA = 76%
QLD = 8%
VIC = 16%

However, we still recruit our eastern state graduates from their respective areas. The percentages are purely due to project availability as we strive to ensure all graduates receive a significant amount of project exposure and development.

What technical skills do you consider to be the most valuable in a graduate?

The ability to read and understand plans, drawings and specifications is a vitally important skill all graduates should possess on completion of their degree. Understanding the maths and science is obviously very important, but the ability to apply these skills in regards to take offs and measurements is essential. All graduates are exposed to real projects as early as possible in their careers (week one in most cases) and, as such, this skill is essential. Having said that, we put a lot of effort into ensuring our graduates have a strong support network on and off site so they are able to learn and develop in a challenging, rather than pressured, environment.

What personal attributes do you consider to be the most valuable in a graduate?

As a company, we put a great deal of stock into the personality of a person. Graduates need to be hungry for experience, knowledge and skill development. The desire to be part of a team, and the responsibility that comes with that, are also very important. We want our graduates to be inquisitive, challenging and competitive. Our graduates need the drive and determination to succeed in a challenging industry as well as the ability to sit back ,reflect and re-adjust.
Our company is built around family values. We look out for, and challenge each other, while holding each other accountable for our actions and decisions.

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