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Career Advice from ACS Foundation

August 15, 2014 by Curtin CEL Team

Career Advice from ACS Foundation

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What makes an applicant stand out according to your organisation? Who are you looking for?

We are looking for students who are studying ICT related courses. We look for candidates with strong communication, team work and planning skills. As we offer a range of roles in many industries, the students skills need to match each specific role.

Do you specifically look for candidates with experience directly related to the industry? What sort of other experiences do you think are valuable?

The ACS Foundation provides opportunities for students to gain relevant PAID work experience through intensive internships. Experience is not necessary, but is a bonus.  Students who have stepped outside their comfort zone to engage in industry events and training will stand out. Experiences such as exchange programs, volunteer work and part-time jobs in customer facing roles are valuable. Furthermore, for developers, organisations look for students who play with technology in their spare time, writing and developing code and contributing to open source.

Do you look for ‘entrepreneurial thinking’ in your staff? What role does it play in your organisation?

Applicants with creative, outside of the box problem solving skills are valuable. Organisations are looking for self-starters and active self-learners who are not afraid of trying and learning new technologies outside of the curriculum.

What advice can you give students on ‘personal branding?’

It is important for students to understand their strengths and capabilities, and that’s where they can develop their personal brand. Maintaining a positive, consistent social media presence allows them to advertise themselves to a greater audience, and in turn, prospective employers.

How can students follow up with employers after networking events? Is it appropriate to cold-contact employers?

The ACS offers many opportunities for students to engage with employers and learn about the world of work. Students are encouraged to actively create networks and keep in touch with their contacts. Yes, cold-contact with the ACS Foundation is most welcome. We are always happy to help students out with their work related enquiries at any time.

For more information about ACS Foundation, visit their profile and company website.

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