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Curtin Alumni – Sasha Munsamy

August 27, 2014 by Curtin CEL Team

Curtin Alumni – Sasha Munsamy

Sasha Munsamy graduated Curtin University in 2013 with a Bachelor of Commerce (Double major – Accounting and IT), and participated in PwC’s Summer Vacation Program. She currently works for PwC as an auditor.

Sasha shares her Vacation Program experience with PwC below:
“Ambition is the path to success. Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in.” — Bill Bradley

There are no two easy ways to achieve what we desire, outside of hard work and determination.

When I began applying for Vacation Programs with various companies in my second year (including my initial application for PwC), I always seemed to get stuck at the second stage of the application process – interviews. Though disheartened, I did not let this stop me.

When I applied for PwC’s vacation program a second time I was successful, and began working in the company’s Risk Assurance Division. My role throughout the vacation program involved shadowing my coach in liaising with various mining, oil and gas clients. This exposed me to a wealth of new contacts and environments, and greatly improved my professional network.

I encourage every student to apply for, and experience vacation employment. Not only will it develop your professional skills and networks; it will also help you to gain valuable perspective on what and where you’d like your career to go.

PwC, like many companies, sources the majority of their graduates from vacation programs. As such, participating in vacation programs can be extremely beneficial, if not pivotal to the success of your future career.

My advice to students is to apply early, as places are filled quickly. I would also suggest students differentiate themselves from others. Make sure to tell the company what you can do for them better than anyone else.

Above all else, my advice is to never give in. Don’t stop because of rejection, instead, use it as motivation to push forward and achieve great things.



For more information on PwC, visit their employer profile page or company website.

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