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Delaware North Answers Your Career Questions

August 14, 2014 by Curtin CEL Team

Delaware North Answers Your Career Questions

What’s your top resume tip?

Keep resumes succinct – ensure all relevant work experience with dates is listed and ensure your qualifications are also listed. Many employers also appreciate listings of any volunteer work. Bullet point rather than giving detailed information.

How critical is major selection (or the selection of a particular double major combination) in steering students in a particular career pathway?

While this is an important factor in steering students down the correct pathway it is also absolutely critical that students gain working knowledge of the industry of choice – without experience, majors/degrees are just a piece of paper.

Are certain majors a must for specific career pathways and roles?

Yes, for executive level roles and specialist roles, so it can help to know what your longer term objectives are.

What majors/degrees are relevant to your industry?

Degrees in Hospitality Management, HR, IT, Events Management, Accounting & Finance.

Do you specifically look for candidates with relevant industry experience?

Yes, for certain positions relevant industry experience is a must.

What sort of other experiences do you find valuable?

All experience is valuable – I say a person can never have too much experience but also a proven track history of longevity with an employer is valuable and shows dedication and commitment to a role.

Are there certain skills you believe will be valuable in your industry in the future?

In this industry skills that revolve around customer service/conflict management & change management are becoming more and more valuable.

How much influence do changing environments have on your industry?

The provision of hospitality services can be seen as a luxury item – not a necessity therefore the major environmental impact we constantly face is the state of financial well being/security.

To find out more about Delaware North, visit their profile and company website.

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