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Launch Your Career – Applying for Vacation Programs

August 28, 2014 by Curtin CEL Team

Launch Your Career – Applying for Vacation Programs

Vacation programs are fantastic paid work opportunities, and receive a lot of interest from students. This high interest, and the limited spots available, often result in extreme competition and extensive application processes.

Here are some of the steps in a typical vacation program application process:


Your resume provides insight into who you are and the kinds of responsibilities you’ve had experience with in the past. For more information on resumes, see our articles ‘Resumes: 101‘ and ‘Getting Creative‘.

You can also find more information on Resumes, including resume checklists, tips and advice on the Curtin Careers website.

Cover Letters

Most companies will ask you to submit either a cover letter or answer an application question, some may require both. Both of these options are opportunities for you to show the employer how you stand out from the pack.

A cover letter formally introduces yourself, states the reasons for your application, and highlights how your skills, experience and knowledge make you a suitable applicant for the role.

For more information on cover letters, visit the Curtin Careers website.

Response Questions

Response questions can vary depending on the business or industry, though they generally aim to find out why you have applied and what you have to offer.

Companies are aware your experiences may be limited, so impress them by showing just how much you want the job. Employers will look at how you answer questions, and communicate your point of view rather than the exact examples you give.

Psychometric Testing

This is where things can get a little out of the ordinary compared to other jobs you may have applied for.

Psychometric testing is a process that gauges your intelligence and compatibility for a specific job offer. Generally, a recruiter will ask you a series of questions, and tell you respond in a specific manner, this can be verbally, numerically or by abstract means.

For more information on psychometric testing, including online practice tests, visit the Curtin Careers website.

Phone Interviews

You may be required to have a telephone interview before meeting the employer in person.

One great piece of advice is to keep a copy of your resume and application, as well as any notes you have about the company, for reference during the interview. This will help you to answer any questions efficiently and effectively, as well as help you to form questions of your own.


Face-to-face interviews provide the employers with the opportunity to get to know you better. Interview questions are usually behavior-based and require you to reflect upon your experiences and provide some real-life examples.

For more information on interviews, including an interview workbook, visit the Curtin Careers website.

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