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Applying to be a Teacher in the UK and the Creation of a Suitable CV

September 26, 2014 by Curtin CEL Team

Applying to be a Teacher in the UK and the Creation of a Suitable CV

If teaching in the UK is of interest to you, applying to find out more about the process couldn’t be easier.

TimePlan is a highly respected teaching agency that has been finding teaching positions for overseas qualified teachers for the past twenty one years. Over 40,000 overseas teachers have used our services to date. Below, Karen Gamblin introduces Timeplan.

Many in the UK are reporting that schools are experiencing difficulties in recruiting suitable teachers for their vacancies, with one report suggesting that three out of four Local Authorities are experiencing such problems. Many feel there is a teacher shortage, while others are concerned that one is looming.

What is certain is that overseas trained teachers, particularly those from Commonwealth countries are finding the UK an oasis of opportunity for teaching jobs; with amazing cultural and travel opportunities thrown in.

Agencies such as TimePlan are recruiting teachers straight from graduation, and assisting them with everything from arranging their visa’s and bank accounts, to securing them teaching jobs before they even get on the plane.

You can register with TimePlan by emailing your interest to, calling them toll-free on 1800 251 611 or connecting via their Facebook page. After expressing your interest, you’ll receive a call and email from their International Recruitment Team who will answer your questions and assist you through the process.


Creating a Suitable UK CV

Once in the UK, Australian’s find the UK education system and cultures extremely familiar and generally settle into their roles quickly.

However, the importance of providing your agency with a great CV cannot be underestimated as it equips your recruitment consultant with the best possible tool to send to their schools.  Luckily for Australians, the ways in which CVs are written are very similar to that in the UK. However, below are a few pointers to make your CV as effective as possible in the UK:

  • Keep it concise: CV’s should never be more than 2 pages long. Head Teachers will often receive hundreds of CVs and will automatically reject rambling encyclopaedias.
  • Keep it simple: Personal information needs to be clear and concise. Schools don’t need to know your marital status, nor your health details. Extravagant fonts, clip-art and photo’s of your classes work will fast-track your CV into the bin.
  • Interests & Skills: Use this section to sell your interests and skills which are relevant to teaching and could be useful to a school. Languages, musical instruments, artistic abilities and sports coaching are great examples. Watching movies and socialising with friends are less relevant…
  • Re-read your CV:  Nothing will have a Head Teacher’s eyes rolling in their heads faster than a typo. Take time to re-read your CV carefully for inaccuracies before submitting it. You are teachers after all.

You can find out more on this by reading this excellent article on the TES website. And luckily for you, TimePlan Education has simplified this process by providing a range of templates to help ensure your CV is concise and effective.

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