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The School of Education Student Association (SESA) – Get more from your experience

September 22, 2014 by Curtin CEL Team

The School of Education Student Association (SESA) – Get more from your experience


The School of Education Student Association (SESA) is a club for anyone interested in education. We encourage people to engage professionally in their studies, as we want to assist in producing the best educators to help students overcome the challenges of tomorrow.

The Club Membership Base

The club currently has around 200 members who are current Curtin students plus 305 Facebook members. There are also about another 100 alumni that are a part of the online community who contribute with resources, job opportunities and encouraging each other through study and prac.

When and Why the Club Got Started

The club was started in 2013 by a group of third year students studying Secondary Education. As teaching is a profession that relies on networks for support and sharing resources etc., it seemed that we should try and foster this culture while we were studying at Curtin. We found that prac was very isolating and a strong online social community could greatly assist this concern.

What started as a social network turned into an on campus presence with the aims of having an office with additional teaching supplies and to also offer workshops on preparation for prac, promoting professional experience opportunities and assisting students in applying for jobs.

What Do Club Members get Involved in?

Membership is currently free with the aims of providing subsidised equipment and merchandise in the future. The club holds social events on campus throughout the year and engages with PD sessions run by the State School Teachers Union. The club also meet regularly with staff from the School of Education and provide feedback about the student experience and engage in collaborative strategies to improve any areas of concern.

Benefits of Joining

We offer an immediate network of pre-service, provisional and fully registered teachers that have studied at Curtin and who can also assist with course information and how to survive studying at university. The club encourages professionalism and will assist members with preparation for any and all pracs and entry into the workplace. Members also distribute information about potential job opportunities. Joining is a great way to meet people within the course and find that sense of community.

To find out more about SESA you can register via their homepage on The Curtin Guild web pages.

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