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Stop Googling, Start Networking

November 13, 2014 by Curtin CEL Team

Stop Googling, Start Networking

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When we’re on the lookout for jobs, a lot of the time our first instinct is to hit up Seek (or similar job search engines). There’s nothing wrong with this, it’s a fantastic resource – but often it can set us back immediately.

It’s estimated that approximately 70% of roles are never advertised. So, if you don’t back away from the internet sometimes, you may miss some amazing opportunities. This is particularly true of graduate and professional roles.

The word ‘networking’ can have negative connotations – it can sound like an overused buzzword; it can seem like a superficial tactic; and, it can be extremely daunting for people who don’t perceive themselves to be ‘extroverts.’

However, in reality, ‘networking’ can be as simple as chatting to a friend or as professional and regimented as meticulously researching an organisation and identifying approach strategies. If you can find an approach that you’re comfortable with, you could stumble across some exciting opportunities (and you may be able to bypass the formal job application process altogether!)

In addition to the articles that will follow as part of ‘The Search’ series, our online module, Stop Googling, Start Networking (shown below) can help:

  • Freshen up your job hunting skills
  • Get you started on discovering the ‘hidden job market’ for your industry
  • Gain an understanding of how employers recruit
  • Enhance your networking skills (online and in person)

Stop Googling, Start Networking - Careers Illuminate Challenge
Stop Googling, Start Networking - Careers Illuminate Challenge

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