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2015 Curtin Careers Fair… Why go?

February 25, 2015 by Curtin CEL Team

2015 Curtin Careers Fair… Why go?

As we’ve mentioned, the March Careers Fair is traditionally a ‘graduate recruitment fair.’ However, if you wait for your final year of uni to attend, you could be missing out. Here’s a quick overview of why the Careers Fair is handy at any stage of your study.

First Year

  1. You’ve just started your degree… You may be super keen and passionate about what lies ahead or you may be seriously questioning where you’re at. Popping down to the Careers Fair will help give you some context in terms of what lies ahead. Between Career Development Consultants and employers, there are hundreds of professionals to get advice from – all waiting and happy to answer your questions.
  2. This is the perfect intro to industry networking. If you feel uncomfortable, don’t stress – you don’t need to talk to anyone. Wander around, get a feel for the organisations in your industry and you’ll know exactly what to expect next year when you’re ready to make some contacts.
  3. Start building your professional resume. Whether you’re applying for part-time jobs or you want to start thinking about how you can shape your resume for your industry, we have professionals reviewing resumes on site – just bring a hard copy!

Mid Years

  1. Hopefully you’ve settled in and are pretty confident that you’re in the right course. This is a fantastic time to start getting industry experience and becoming aware of industry expectations. Lots of the organisations attending have roles advertised and give first hand advice in terms of job applications and behaviour within the workplaces. Get some experience now and you won’t need to stress about the dreaded need for experience when applying for graduate roles.
  2. Networking skills are so important for your career development. Now that you’re building your industry knowledge and technical skills, feel confident approaching employers and asking questions that could help your knowledge base. It’s super friendly and relaxed so it’s a great opportunity to practise your networking skills.
  3. If you’re thinking about applying for a graduate program, it’s likely that you’ll need to apply early in your final year. Take this opportunity to ask employers what you can be doing over the next year to make sure you have a strong application. The process is often competitive (but incredibly rewarding) so it’s worth having it on your radar.

Final Year

  1. You might be starting to feel the pressure here… Your last year in the safety of uni before you have to start job hunting. Use the Careers Fair to build your industry knowledge – get to know who’s hiring and what they’re looking for. Lots will have graduate roles and graduate programs open for application now, take the opportunity to ask them exactly what they look for in job applications and candidates.
  2. Getting nervous about entering a professional workplace – you have access to hundreds of professionals here, ask their advice and if you meet someone you feel could be a great mentor, ask if they mind connecting on LinkedIn.
  3. By this point, it’s likely that you’re building some great experience. Learning how to communicate this through your resume is going to be crucial to your success when applying for graduate roles. Bring a hard copy of your resume and have it professionally reviewed. In addition to improving the quality of your resume, this process also allows you to identify skills gaps that you can address before graduation.

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