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Curtin Marketing Association – New Opportunities for Aspiring Marketing Professionals

March 24, 2015 by Curtin CEL Team

Curtin Marketing Association – New Opportunities for Aspiring Marketing Professionals

Curtin Marketing Association (CMA) is an emerging club which looks to give students a competitive advantage when trying to find a job in the industry.

The club is supported by the School of Marketing, which aims tocreate opportunities for students to participate in the planning and execution of real life marketing initiatives organised by the association. CMA has been formed with the hope of allowing students to meet and socialise with industry professionals in order to assist them in their marketing strategies. This has provided the members with the opportunity to gain practical work experience based on what they have learnt in their course of study and apply this in a variety of different situations.

Events and Projects
Despite the fact that CMA is still an emerging club, their current portfolio includes an impressive array of different projects whereby CMA has chosen to work with a wide variety of different organisations in order to allow their members to develop an array of different skill sets, including events management, logistics, sales, leadership, acquiring sponsorship grants, marketing promotion, public speaking, and many more.

This approach has been well met by their industry partners who showed much enthusiasm for this initiative.

“These guys are amazing. They have managed to put together some incredible material and really have helped us in increasing our brand awareness. I would definitely look at working with some of these guys in the future.”  Joel Wagner, one of the CMA’s clients

Types of Roles

“We are always looking for new people who can help out and get involved. There are so many opportunities out there and we are really passionate about making the most of them.” Elaine Sutrisna, Curtin Marketing Association President

As the club continues to grow and emerge, it often has different leadership roles that members can apply for and participate in, including Lead Graphic Design, Secretary and Logistics roles.

Forthcoming Projects
In the upcoming semester, CMA will be working with two major clients. The first client is Redbacks Perth Basketball Association, now based at Curtin Stadium. CMA will be helping Redbacks in promoting and building awareness throughout the year. This project will involve graphic design, filmatography and the developing of a marketing plan.

The second client is Not For Sale. CMA is currently looking to organise multiple events which aim to raise awareness about forced labour. The club is also working to measure the results of this campaign in order to conduct an academic research study around Forced Labour, which will give extra credibility to research inclined members within the club.

The club organises many training events and workshops for its members to support the ongoing development and growth of broad skills sets.

Membership Charges
Standard membership: $20
Membership with guild: $15 (only $5 with vouchers inside Guild diary)

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