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Rewind… Job Applications 101

July 27, 2015 by Curtin CEL Team

Rewind… Job Applications 101

We don’t want to bore you with the same info over and over so before we get cracking on some new stuff, here are our top posts on job applications. Just in case you missed them…

  1. Resume 101
    The basics to freshen up your resume.
  2. Recruiter’s Top Resume Tip
    A simple sentence restructure to get you noticed fast.
  3. Showing off Your Skills
    Using to STAR to show you can do the job.
  4. 5 Steps to Contacting Your Dream Employer
    They’re not advertising? That’s ok, use this guide to initiate contact.
  5. Getting Creative
    Your resume shouldn’t look like everyone else’s…
  6. Cover Letter Anatomy
    The five key components of an effective cover letter.
  7. The 5 Golden Rules of Selection Criteria
    The basics for nailing these tricky documents.

Want more? Visit Curtin Challenge to keep building your job application skills online and check in with us for more advice.

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