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Staying Positive During Your Job Search

February 27, 2016 by Curtin CEL Team

Staying Positive During Your Job Search

It’s no secret that the current employment market can be tough – particularly for certain sectors. You can perfect your job application and do all the right things to build your employability and still have no luck. Sometimes it really just is, the right opportunity at the right time. And that can take time…

Between applying for jobs and starting your first grad role, you may have to deal with a bit of rejection and uncertainty. Whilst this may be unavoidable, the way you respond to it is within your control. Your capacity to recover from setbacks is commonly referred to as ‘resilience’. If you can develop your emotional resilience, you’ll stay happier in the face of challenges and learn from them, rather than feel defeated by them.

Here are six tips to help you grow your emotional resilience during your job search, and beyond:

  1. Don’t dwell on disappointment
    No one enjoys rejection! But it’s important to acknowledge your disappointment without dwelling on it. Instead, distract yourself with positive action – like beginning a new job application!
  2. Practice positive self-talk
    Psychologist Guy Winch says, “When you get rejected, the first thing you should be doing is to revive your self-esteem, not join Fight Club and beat it to a pulp!” So, keep your inner voice positive.
  3. Don’t fear failure
    When we fail, we learn how to bounce back, which means failure is in fact a necessary part of developing resilience. Losing your fear of failure makes it easier to pursue your goals.
  4. Don’t compare
    Don’t compare your progress with that of your friends – but do approach them for advice. Learning what they did, or didn’t do differently from you can boost your confidence, or give you a new angle to pursue.
  5. Remember your strengths
    You’ve completed years of study – you know what you’re good at – focus on that.
  6. Seek balance
    Don’t let your job search consume all your time. Just as you’ll need work-life balance in the workplace, you need some time out from applications and interviews.

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