Two Business Ventures on the Go

October 25, 2016 by Susan Surgener

Two Business Ventures on the Go

Filipa Pinto keeps herself extremely busy but happy with her work/life balance.  She is the Managing Director  of Le Toboggan and has also set up Inttrade as an Independent International Trade Consultant. 

Shortly after receiving a promotion to a strategic role as an international trade and logistics and supply chain professional, within a global mining company, Filipa Pinto was made redundant. Filipa turned what could have been a negative experience, into an opportunity to pursue her dream of setting up two businesses that satisfy her different professional interests and personal passions that also fit her lifestyle needs.

As a mother of two toddlers – being raised to be fluent in three languages, by the way – Filipa is passionate about early literacy and multiculturalism.  This has lead to the development of Le Toboggan, an online distributor of international children’s literature.

Filipa has a background of 16 years in logistics and supply chain management. She also puts this expertise to work with Inttrade – as an international trade consultant – delivering training on import/export procedures and helping small businesses wanting to sell overseas with their logistic procedures.


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