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How to nail an online interview

March 13, 2017 by Hana Woolerson

How to nail an online interview

More and more companies are embracing online interviews with their prospective job candidates.  In terms of preparation and performance, online interviews are no different from face-to-face meetings. However, there are some factors to consider before sitting down to an online interview which will make sure your experience is positive, and hopefully help you land that job!

Here are some tips for nailing an online interview:

  • Equipment – if you have multiple devices (computer, tablet or phone) choose the one you are most comfortable using. If your devices are a little dodgy, see if you can borrow a more reliable device from a friend or family member. And, because technology is the devil, have a backup plan if something goes wrong on the day of the interview. The more confident you feel about the technology, the more you can focus on how you are going to impress your future employer.
  • Test, test and test again – this one should go without saying, but test your connection, test your camera, test the sound and test the program you are using. Make sure you are really confident with how it all works.  On the day, make sure everything is set up 15 minutes prior to the interview – punctuality is just as important in an online interview as it is for a face-to-face interview.
  • Location – make sure you are in a quiet room, with good lighting, and a plain/clean background.
  • Clothing – you still need to dress to impress, and not only the part they are able to see. If you have to stand to change the lighting you do not want to be caught in your pyjama bottoms. Don’t forget shoes!
  • Close all websites and documents you have open. If you need to demonstrate your ability via a screen-share you do not want to be caught out on Facebook.
  • Turn off your phone, unless they have arranged to call you before the interview, then make sure it is on silent.
  • Look straight into the camera when you are talking as though you are giving direct eye contact. Smile and look positive and enthusiastic – lean in a little to the camera. Speak slowly and clearly, and use hand gestures to emphasise your points.
  • Pause - when responding the questions from the interviewer, nod, but pause slightly before answering in case the connection is weak.

Lastly, as usual preparation is crucial:

  • Know the company and position you are applying for, as well as the industry trends.
  • Practise answering questions you think they might ask, but don’t read the answers from a script. Attend one of our workshops to get learn how to create a lasting impression (for the right reasons) at an interview.
  • Schedule a mock interview. The best way to do this is to practice using our online interview platform.  Once you’ve finished and submitted your answers, one of our Career Development Consultants will review your submission and provide you with feedback.

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