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Identifying your skills gap

June 12, 2017 by Hana Woolerson

Identifying your skills gap

We know it doesn’t sound like the most appealing thing you will do during you break, but try to take some time to do a skills gap analysis before you head back to campus for Semester Two.  It doesn’t matter what field you are aiming for, graduate employers are interested in your specific degree knowledge combined with all of the other skills that fit with the workplace including communication skills, teamwork, problem solving and leadership skills.  Identifying your skills gap can take up a bit of your time but it’s well worth the analysis.

Start by checking out relevant jobs. You can start with a simple Seek search for graduate entry roles and then look at more senior positions.  Get across the extra stuff that today’s employers are looking for, including:

To boost your digital skills think about enrolling in a MOOC or teaching yourself via, edX  or YouTube tutorials.

To boost your presentation skills think about joining the Toastmasters club at Curtin.  Either that, or start attending events to allow you to network and build on interpersonal skills.

To boost or develop leadership skills, we offer a program of career development and leadership skills workshops each semester on the Bentley campus. If you can’t make the workshops in person, you can complete some of the modules online on Curtin Challenge.

Don’t forget, we are open during normal operating hours (8:45am – 5:00pm) during the break, so drop in to Building 101 for a resume or job application review or contact us on (08) 9266 7802 or

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