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Goal setting – your key to freeing up time and beating stress

August 21, 2017 by Liz Green

Goal setting – your key to freeing up time and beating stress

Are you always on the lookout for ways to up your motivation and reduce procrastination? Are you momentarily filled with hope when you discover a new app that promises to do one or both for you? Well, you probably know by now that unfortunately, there’s no magic fix.

But we are here to help! If you’re determined to get on top of procrastination and take back control of your time, set your sights on developing your goal setting skills.

Goal setting and time management may not sound like enthralling topics until you consider the positive impact they can have on your life. They’re your perfect partners for taking the stress out of assignments and other projects or deadlines that you deal with throughout the year. That means more time for friends, festivals and other fun pursuits.

If you can learn how to set effective goals, using simple tools and strategies, you can fit more of the things you enjoy into your day. You’ll feel the benefit throughout every area of your life, not just while you’re at uni, but when you enter the workplace too.

We have an online module that can show you how to set meaningful, achievable goals to reduce the stress caused by a busy schedule and looming deadlines. You’ll learn about useful frameworks such as SMART goals, and explore processes for planning and prioritising tasks. All of this will help you remove procrastination from your life.

So, why not make your first goal to register for the workshop and free yourself from procrastination once and for all.


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