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Going for double or single?

August 17, 2017 by Storm Crow

Going for double or single?

Whether you’ve already started your degree and you’re considering a change, or you’re in the midst of making that ever-important decision of which major(s) to pick before you start, it’s really important to know that a double degree could be the key to loads of amazing opportunities.

Although there’s an extra year of study required with some additional costs, the returns on this investment can be high. The double degree can give you extra time and may open some doors you might not have considered before. The opportunities are endless – you could consider the study abroad program, become a student mentor or even aim for honours when you finish. Not to mention the fact it’s cheaper to complete a double degree compared to two singles.

If those benefits don’t scream out at you, then the following just might.

First, finding two disciplines which blend and complement each other is essential. Courses that support each other can give you a better understanding of the industry from all angles. A variety of broad skills and knowledge can give you that little step up, or give you competitive advantage over the rest of the talent pool.

It’s worth the stretch. If you don’t mind the student lifestyle for another year, a double degree can be really rewarding. Extra time on campus gives you the opportunity to connect with more students, tutors and industry professionals.

Two is better than one. A double degree may make students more competitive in the employer’s eyes. An ability to juggle two degrees at the same time demonstrates how great of an asset you could be for a future employer, illustrating a high level of commitment and eagerness to rise to challenges – valuable traits in the workforce.

Why don’t we have both? Struggling to find your passion is not always the case for some students; sometimes we have too many interests and are unable to identify which to dedicate our efforts to. The choice of a double degree has never been more relevant than in this instance so expand your horizons.

Plan B. Studying an additional course now could just be your back-up plan. Noticed the industry you’re looking to enter isn’t performing too well? Why not pick up a few more units with another speciality, so that if you need to side step from your main focus and after graduation you’re not left in distress.

Spend that extra year stressing less. Give yourself time to strategically plan your entry into the job market and make connections with industry. An extra year can help you build confidence, seek out internships and gain work experience. Hop onto Curtin UniHub to view a wide variety of placement opportunities that may just be right for you.

You can talk to Careers, Employment & Leadership about any career change ideas that may be brewing in your mind!  Drop in and see us in B101 Curtin Connect and a more in-depth appointment can be made to explore all open avenues that may suit you.

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