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Project managing your way to success

August 30, 2017 by Liz Green

Project managing your way to success

When you hear someone mention project management, do you switch off because you think it’s not relevant to your discipline or career choice? Well, it might be time to readjust your outlook. Learning some project management skills can help take the pain out of completing any tricky task – large or small.

At uni, your whole semester is run by deadlines. If you have some project management skills up your sleeve, it can mean the difference between feeling like you’re drowning in assignments and feeling confident that you’re on top of them.

In the workplace, although not everyone will end up running huge construction or change management projects, whatever your career choice or industry you’ll be asked to complete complex tasks at different times.

And if you choose to work freelance or start a small business where you’re working with a lot of different clients, it’s crucial that you’re able to plan and track every project. Otherwise, you may miss a deadline, an opportunity or even an invoice payment.

So, whether you’re juggling a number of assignments, running a new medical research program or writing a book, if you have an understanding of project management processes and tools, you can use these to organise, execute, track and complete your task.

Why not dip your toe in the project management water, and take part in a workshop or complete an online module that will introduce you to some essential tools and strategies to help you manage projects effectively?

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