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What’s On: 11 – 15 September

September 8, 2017 by Curtin CEL Team

What’s On: 11 – 15 September

We continue to blast our way through Semester 2 2017. Can you believe we are mid way through September already? As ever there’s lots happening on campus including an employer visit from Disney and workshops helping you to improve your LinkedIn profile, teamwork skills, and your knowledge of your desired industry.

Making the Most of LinkedIn | Tuesday 12 September | 300.219, Bentley Campus

Most students have either heard of LinkedIn or have a LinkedIn profile, but most don’t use it correctly or don’t use it at all. Attend this workshop to learn how LinkedIn works as well as tips and strategies about how to improve your LinkedIn content, credibility and contribution, to help you achieve your career and networking goals.

Disney Australia and New Zealand Cultural Exchange Program | Tuesday 12 September | 211.230, Bentley Campus

Are you looking for an international experience with a world-renowned company that can enhance your resume while sharing your culture with people from all over the world? Then the Disney Cultural Exchange Program is an opportunity of a lifetime!

Teamwork (with Guest Speaker David Rose) | Tuesday 12 September | 403.101, Bentley Campus

Identify characteristics of successful teams and the challenges they face. Explore team problem solving and the importance of communication, motivation, goal setting and role allocation. Become a more effective team member and understand the responsibilities of team leaders.

Social Work Career Pathways (Year 1 and 2) | Wednesday 13 September | 402.216, Bentley Campus

A workshop for first and second year Social Work students to provide an overview of where a degree in social work could take you. Hear from Curtin students/graduates and staff members about the different areas of practice available to you and the sort of tasks you might be involved in as a Social Worker and as a Social Work student.

Choose Your Major | Wednesday 13 September | 407.208, Bentley Campus

CBS Students have the opportunity to get an overview of all Major options open to them, how to choose, as well as gain an insight into what is involved. This mini expo event includes Student Support Officers, CBS Student Club Representatives, School Staff, Industry Representatives, as well as some of the Careers team to provide advice and guidance.

LinkedIn profile review & careers drop-in | Wednesday 13 September | 407.204, Bentley Campus

While the Choose Your Major event continues, you can also pop in to the regular Careers drop in next door! Get feedback on how to make yourself stand out from the crowd, enhance your visibility to prospective employers and expand your professional network.

Panel event: The future of work in the advent of automation | Wednesday 13 September | 410.101, Bentley Campus

Many people are aware of the automation of “blue-collar” manual work but artificial intelligence is now rapidly automating “white-collar” office work. What does this mean for students who are only just beginning their careers, and how will their chosen professions be affected?

How Do I Get To Know My Industry? | Thursday 14 September | Bentley Campus (Various Rooms)

Understanding your industry and labour market trends will help you to make informed career decisions, tailor your job search efforts and job application documents as well identifying potential growth areas for your next career move. Join one of four sessions tailored to students in each Curtin faculty – Business, Health, Science and Engineering, and Humanities.

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