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Graduate Programs still open

October 17, 2017 by Storm Crow

Graduate Programs still open

If you’ve been proactive and you’re on top of your grad program applications dates, then you’ll be aware the bulk of the intake happened during March to July this year – ready for acceptance into next year’s program for 2018. However, a few application dates for grad programs are still open; so you’ve still got time to apply.

Something else to keep in mind is, if you’re looking for grad programs overseas, the major recruitment periods may be different to local programs. If you’re returning home at the end of your studies or would like to work abroad, check out Global Careers to see what opportunities are available at the moment. To find out more about the application processes in different countries, access GoinGlobal for free through UniHub.

A great opportunity

A grad program or professional development program is a great way to secure employment for the first year straight out of uni; it’ll provide you with opportunities for learning and training from industry professionals and; it could even follow to continued employment past that initial role.

Learning doesn’t have to stop once you graduate, there are always extra opportunities to grow your professional skill set. So, we’ve put a list together of some opportunities that you’ve still got some time to take a look at:


An excellent resource for current students and soon-to-be grads in search of programs for professional development. This site currently lists between 10-15 well-known organisations still searching for grads for their 2018 program. Required degree disciplines range from broad to specific and there’s usually a four-step application process – which involves submission of a resume to address the selection criteria, aptitude tests, assessment centres and video interviews.

Not ready for a graduate program? There’s still loads you can do to prepare yourself for this stage.

Japanese Exchange Teaching Program

Although not a graduate program, exchange opportunities are a great option after graduation and could lead to continued future employment. The Japanese Exchange Teaching program is internationally recognised, and aims to promote grassroots international exchange between Japan and other countries. Applications are now open and close Friday 17 November. Blend your studies and Japanese language skills and you could land yourself a position as an assistant language teacher, a coordinator for international exchange, or as a sport exchange advisor.

Now’s the best time to start building experience on your resume, especially when you’ve got time over the summer break, so take a look at the internships and volunteer work on offer on UniHub; or you could take a look at our Earn While You Learn Program.

Before applying, get your cover letter and resume into shape; drop into Careers, Employment & Leadership or submit online to have them reviewed by one of our career development professionals. Why not attend a workshop on selection criteria and learn how to address every aspect of the application before you begin?

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