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Your extra-curricular activities can boost your employability

October 30, 2017 by Liz Green

Your extra-curricular activities can boost your employability

As you progress along your journey from student to graduate, how much thought have you given to your penultimate year work placements or your first graduate role? Quite possibly not much – especially if you’re in your first year of uni.

But the reality is, you should be planning for your career now, however far off it might seem. One way you can improve your employability while you’re studying is to join a club – sporting, engineering, debating ­– whatever interests you and provides an opportunity to develop your skills and attributes.

Yes, doing something fun can add value to your resume, especially when your work experience is minimal. It’s all down to what your activities can demonstrate about you. Ask yourself some questions like these:

  • Do you have to commit to going at the same time every day, week or month?
  • Do others rely on your participation to make the club a success?
  • Does your involvement demonstrate your abilities as a team player?
  • Is your club involved in competitions, and if so, how is it performing?
  • Does your club help the community in any way?
  • Has your role at the club given you any leadership opportunities?
  • Do you mentor younger or less experienced club members?

Your answers can help you highlight that you are committed; reliable; a team player; community-minded; and that you have some experience in stakeholder engagement, project management or leadership. These are all qualities and skills that will be an asset to any workplace you join.

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