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What’s On: 2 – 6 October

October 2, 2017 by Curtin CEL Team

What’s On: 2 – 6 October

Welcome to October! Which means there are just 6 more weeks until exams commence, and just 8 more weeks until semester is over and done with for the rest of 2017. Still plenty of time though to improve your public speaking ability and develop your emotional intelligence by attending a handy workshop or two.

Public Speaking | Wednesday 4 October | 403.101, Bentley Campus

Many people feel nervous when they have to speak in front of a group – in fact surveys show that for many it is their number one fear! This module will help you address that fear. We identify strategies that will enable you to speak more confidently and persuasively, and help you to understand why story telling is such an important skill and how to construct more effective and meaningful stories.

Drive Your Career | Thursday 5 October | 105.107, Bentley Campus

With graduate recruiters consistently listing emotional intelligence (“EQ”) as one of the top ten criteria they look for when hiring, you can proactively work to grow your own EQ. Explore the concept of EQ and its relevance not just to graduates and early career professionals, but also to job performance and career success for all employees.

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