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Online application forms

November 8, 2017 by Storm Crow

Online application forms

With the Australian Labour Market reporting that at least five entry-level applicants all apply to the same job advert, it’s a no-brainer that the job market is getting even more competitive. Standing out from the pack could very well come down to submitting a great online application form. Employers love them, but we understand that you may not.

So, we’ve put together some key tips that will help you convey your skills and selling points when it comes to the online application form – just remember the golden rules: follow all employer instructions and always stick to word limits.

You don’t necessarily want to copy and paste excerpts from your resume – because that would be really lazy, but you’re also stuck for something to write that’s equally as valuable. Just think of every question as an opportunity to reiterate why you’re the right choice for the role. Run through your CV and highlight some points you’d really like them to know about.

The Guardian says that acing an online application form comes down to making it warm and inviting. This first and foremost begins with good communication – a core building block of every successful candidate. Make sure you’ve got a balance between a professional and personal tone, and well-structured sentences are a must.

Prove your worth. Maybe you were born with it (sorry Maybelline!), but the recruiter doesn’t necessarily know that. So, to ensure you get hired, tell them about some real life experiences where you’ve proven you added value and got the job done well. Use instances where tangible results were achieved or something was improved; give the recruiter an idea of the impact your work or involvement has had. This can be from uni, in a volunteer position in the community, at an internship, or in a part-time job.

Knowledge is power – at least that’s what they say. So, if you’re strong on market or industry knowledge let the recruiter know you can harness your understanding to provide benefit. Employers want to hear about how you can help them – which in turn will help you – so be strategic. Using relevant industry jargon and terminology you know they’ll pick up on throughout the application is a good way to go about this.

Need some practice before you apply online? Attend a Graduate Gateway workshop to prepare you on how to write competitive online applications and selection criteria responses, or try the module online through Curtin Challenge.

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