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Adobe talks partnerships with Curtin Clubs

January 8, 2018 by Storm Crow

Adobe talks partnerships with Curtin Clubs

Following our recent interview with Curtin student Ming Ng, we got in touch with Adobe to hear more about the company’s plans for involvement with university clubs on campus for 2018. We asked about the qualities Adobe looks for in graduates, and where getting involved with student clubs on campus can take you.

Why is Adobe looking to engage with university student clubs?

In Australia, Adobe applications are used in primary through to tertiary education. Adobe tools give students, faculty and staff all the capabilities they need for digital storytelling and data visualization via videos, interactive PDFs, games, web content, images, digital drawings, app designs and more. Given how widely spread Adobe applications are used within universities, Adobe is looking to partner with student clubs to make sure students are aware of the latest features and updates, the roadmap and the full capabilities of Adobe’s applications.

What’s involved in the collaboration with Curtin University?

We are looking to engage with the clubs at least every two to three months to run presentations, workshops and potentially sponsor some events throughout the year.

What sort of synergy does Adobe hope to build with Curtin students?

We hope that Curtin’s students understand the full capabilities and power of Adobe’s applications, so that they can then transfer their knowledge and experience into future employment.

What does Adobe look for in graduates, ie which skills are industry demanding?

Adobe applications are typically known to be used by the design, photography and multimedia industry. These days, Adobe applications are further utilised outside of these industries, such as in the medical industry, FSI, travel, retail and education. It’s Adobe’s view that regardless of the career path, learning creativity ensures you are armed with the right skills for the future of work.

Can you provide any advice for students and graduates looking to land work experience or a job with Adobe?

Adobe looks for a diverse range of candidates for all our positions, but one common theme that we always look for in our employees is whether they meet the company’s core values – genuine, exceptional innovative and involved. This is something that is very important for the culture of Adobe and what all our employees exemplify.

For more information, see Adobe Fast Facts.

So, if you’re a current student interested in blending your passion or skills in photography, illustration and creative Adobe software, then joining the Curtin Photography Club and Curtin Illustration Club in 2018 could be worthwhile

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