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Turning a crisis into an opportunity

March 16, 2018 by Storm Crow

Turning a crisis into an opportunity

Do you fear that a quarter-life crisis is quickly creeping up on you? Industry reports are saying we no longer have to wait until we’re 40 to have a melt-down and redefine ourselves. Rather, millennials are entering into an intense period of soul-searching and stress between the ages of 25-33. Feeling like you’re falling behind or not achieving your full potential? What if we told you that you could turn this crisis into an opportunity?

The quarter life crisis
Struggling to cope with expectations that you’re supposed to be making waves in your career and have heaps of money saved in the bank by the age of 30? Maybe you’ve just graduated and you’re not sure what you’d like to do career-wise; or you’ve entered graduate employment, but already feel like you’re lagging behind. You’re not alone, out of 6,000+ people surveyed by LinkedIn across four countries, 80% agreed they too felt under pressure.

How the masses are feeling
Polling across the US, UK, Australia and India highlights:

  • 59% don’t know what they want next in life or in their careers
  • 54% are frustrated with current options
  • 49% thought they weren’t earning enough
  • 75% felt stressed, insecure, angry, and dissatisfied with their careers

Inspiring change
Your days don’t have to be spent stressing out in your room in the dark, you can take this frustration and turn it into something positive – use it as a chance to think about your situation and make some adjustments. Why not consider a career change or break, or go back to the books to learn a new skill? What about going out on your own and starting a business, or engaging in the freelance life?

Make a plan
Take this time to have a think about your career: where are you currently?  Where do you want to be? How can you get there? What’s your strategy to achieving this? Defining what makes you happy, and what success means to you, can provide a catalyst for change and help you out of the crisis. If you’re too overwhelmed, consider setting yourself weekly or monthly goals and make an effort to achieve these.

Remember, life isn’t a competition
Our addiction to social media isn’t helping this situation – some of you might be comparing yourselves to others based on how many likes, followers and shares you have; whilst trying to depict a perfect image of yourself across multiple digital platforms. You really need to sit back and remember everyone tackles tasks at a different pace and achieves success at different stages of lives. This life is a marathon, not a sprint.

Seeking help
There’s no shame in it – asking for help is a healthy part of life and aids in our growth and development. Getting advice from others who have gone through similar situations, or career professionals who specialise in this type of thing can be really handy. They may be able to give you a fresh perspective on your situation, leading you to find your next step or career path. Careers, Employment & Leadership also conduct workshops on self-awareness and self-knowledge, so keep a check on UniHub.

Maybe you know what your dream job is, but you’re unsure how to obtain it?

The Careers, Employment & Leadership team are available pretty much all year round for any career questions you have, or support and advice you may need. We’re located in Building 101 Curtin Connect; speak to a Careers Development Consultant and turn your “crisis” into your next opportunity.




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