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What’s On: 21 – 25 May

May 17, 2018 by Curtin CEL Team

What’s On: 21 – 25 May

Week 13, might be unlucky for some, not so much for others…

This week we’re looking at how to present the best of yourself online, what you actually know about your chosen career and how you can prepare for the future world of work.

Personal Branding | Monday 21 May | 300.219 Bentley Campus
Without even trying it, you already have a personal brand, but how do you want to be perceived? A high quality, consistent personal brand is extremely valuable.

LinkedIn Photo Booth | Tuesday 15 May | Bentley Campus
Does your profile photo back up your brand? Simply drop into the Info Booth near the Koi Pond, we’ll take your photo, and email it to you.

How do I get to know my industry? | Wednesday 23 May | Bentley Campus
Understanding your industry and labour market trends will help you to make informed career decisions.

Teach for Australia | Thursday 24 May | 402.216 Bentley Campus
Here’s a chance to find out more about the work Teach For Australia does, and how you can get involved.

Future Proof Your Career | Thursday 24 May | 211.233 Bentley Campus
Examine how you can prepare and position yourself to be a competitive professional in a shifting landscape.

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