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Putting your best face forward

July 17, 2018 by Susan Surgener

Putting your best face forward

Top tier student and graduate recruiters are always finding innovative ways to sift through the vast numbers of applications they receive each year. This probably isn’t news to anyone who’s already experienced applying to any formal vacation and graduate programs.

Applications – the basics
The first step is usually the application form. It’s where most applicants get weeded out, often for something as simple as not being diligent i.e. checking spelling and grammar, following instructions, or answering the question. You wouldn’t go into an exam and not follow the instructions set out – you know it’s an instant fail. Grad and vac application forms are no different.

If you navigate the application form successfully, next up you might face online assessments. It’s here where you’ll probably be exposed to some timed psychometric and personality testing, where an employer will certainly try to match your fit to the company’s culture.

And, if you get through that stage, the third step could mean face-time.

The video interview
This is the part of the application process that is relatively alien to students, and also comparatively new to the general recruitment process. Understandably, lots of students get in a panic over this bit, so some prep goes a long way.  These interviews are not live in real time, but you still need to prepare as if it’s a standard in-person interview.

Even if you are not naturally organised, try and be organised on this occasion. Preparation will go a long way - the idea is that if you get your space in order, you’ll be in order. It’s guaranteed to mitigate the nerves. Think about when you prepare for an in-class presentation, you always do much better if you have prepared your material beforehand.

Plus, practice, practice, practice! Know your subject matter – know yourself! If you do want to practice video interviews, not only can we connect you to a great online platform, we can also provide feedback and pointers. If you don’t have a private space to record your actual interview, talk to us as we can help out.

The final hurdle
If you get through the video interview, then you’re probably well on your way to an assessment centre. It’s here where you’ll most likely face some group tasks and in person interviews with the hiring managers. Assessment centres can be daunting but there’s plenty of advice available to get you through them.

And, last but not least – if all that goes well – it means you could finally be at the job offer stage!


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