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Austmine Women in STEM: METS Career Pathway Program

August 3, 2018 by Hana Woolerson

Austmine Women in STEM: METS Career Pathway Program

As part of the Careers For Tomorrow Festival, we are pleased to welcome Austmine to the Bentley campus next week to talk to our female students with a STEM (science, technology, engineering, maths) background about careers in METS (mining equipment, technology and services).

Austmine is the industry body for the METS Sector, and they’ve partnered up with METS Ignited (the Federal Government growth centre for METS), leading METS companies and universities around the country, including Curtin University, to create the Austmine Women in STEM: METS Career Pathway Program.

In anticipation of their visit, we asked them a few questions about the industry and why our female students should consider it.

What influences are creating growth in the METS sector?

  1.  Current market conditions: Mining is experiencing a significant upturn and this heightened activity is flowing through to METS businesses in the shape of more project opportunities and investment in technologies and equipment.
  2. Export: there is growing recognition of quality and innovation capacity of Australian suppliers on a global scale, which has led to a good reputation for our suppliers internationally. This has seen many of our members find success, with 70% exporting.
  3. Changing landscape of METS sector: the Australian METS sector is becoming far more sophisticated and businesses have recognised the importance of innovation in their pursuit of competitive advantage. With the mining industry being impacted by the IIoT and growing digitalisation, new opportunities have emerged for businesses with capabilities in data analytics, machine learning, software programs and robotics.

What qualities and skills does one require to be a suitable fit to be part of the growing METS sector and the types of opportunities it provides?

  1. Flexibility is key to an enjoyable career in the METS sector. In the last few years we have seen incredible change in the skills needed to be successful, and this looks set to continue. Being able to adapt to new working environments and gain new skills will be critical.
  2. Versatility of skills: the METS sector is full of incredible entrepreneurs, many of whom have created amazing products and services. But they aren’t necessarily great at telling the world about it, or how to run a successful business. Successful METS sector participants will have a varied skill set, especially soft skills.
  3. The METS sector is experiencing a shortfall of female employees.

What value does a diverse workplace bring to the development of dynamic and agile mining innovations?

Diversity is absolutely key to the long-term success and sustainability of the METS sector. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Diversity brings new perspectives and different ways of looking at problems.
  • People from different industries or departments offer new skills and outside experience.
  • Soft skills will be critical in the future business environment and, statistically speaking, women are superior in this area.
  • For companies to truly attract the best employees and to win the battle against other industries such as defence and construction on labour recruitment and retention, the industry must be perceived as fair and diverse.

 How can women get involved in the technology companies at the forefront of these innovations?

If they’re at university, apply for the AustMine Women in STEM: METS Career Pathway Program. Not only this, but Austmine offers two free tickets for students of member universities to our networking events. Come along and meet future employers and get involved in the conversations that are ongoing in the sector.

Students can also build up varied experience whenever the opportunities arise. Perhaps an internship or casual position won’t exactly match your skill set, but it will give you experience and provide avenues to gain new attributes, helping you become a more attractive candidate when entering the job market.

For more information, and to book into the information session, head to UniHub.

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