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Bloom – The Side Hustle

August 6, 2018 by Susan Surgener

Bloom – The Side Hustle

Bloom at Curtin are a pretty enterprising bunch. This club is all about engaging innovative students who have some great ideas and helping them put their ideas into practice.

The students and young people involved with Bloom currently work out of a co-working space at St Catherine’s at UWA but they are hopeful of also finding a space at Curtin.

Bloom as an organisation has been around for quite some time. They started out to assist entrepreneurial students to put those skills to good use to benefit the community.

Charlene Lan, Bloom’s President, tells us a little more about Bloom:

Bloom is a not-for-profit organisation that helps young people start their own business, but not just that, we want to basically engage young people with the mindset and skillset, and support required to solve complex problems, and create amazing things.

It’s basically to enable young people to think outside the box in terms of where their degree can take them and what skills they have already, and what they can actually build while being at university.

As part of the Careers for Tomorrow Festival, Bloom have been instrumental in organising a panel event “The Side Hustle”.

A side hustle is that job or interest on the side that we can spend a lot of time and effort on without realising we might be able to turn it into a great business venture.

For more info on getting involved with this organisation, visit their Facebook page.

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