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Building your intelligent career

August 17, 2018 by Hana Woolerson

Building your intelligent career

We are gearing up for the last week of our Careers For Tomorrow Festival, but there are still opportunities for you to join us as we continue to explore the need for agility, and being ready to adjust to changes in the economy.

We are excited to have Associate Professor Julia Richardson deliver a keynote address on what it means to build a sustainable career in the 21st century. Drawing on her recent book An Intelligent Career: Taking Ownership of Your Work and Your Life, she will identify some of the specific challenges for graduates entering the labour market and how they might best be managed. Other themes will include the importance of understanding your career motivations and values, developing relevant career competencies comprising both hard and soft skills, and building a diverse professional and personal network.

She will also examine concerns about the ‘future of work’, including the impact of technology and artificial intelligence and their implications for career sustainability.

A/P Richardson is also co-hosting a workshop with Careers, Employment & Leadership called ‘Taking charge of your online professional profile’. This collaborative workshop will explain the value of building and maintaining your online professional profile in a consistent manner, as well as how to leverage off popular platforms to communicate your unique selling point to prospective employers, clients and organisations.

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