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What’s On: 3 – 7 September

August 31, 2018 by Curtin CEL Team

What’s On: 3 – 7 September

Welcome back! Hope you made the most of Tuition-free Week.

If you happened to spend some of your week looking for a job, we’ve got a couple of workshops this week that you might want to attend. There’s also the chance to find out about working in China. And, if you’re a Mass Comms student, there’s the chance to find out more about your industry.

Resumes | Monday 3 September | 204.119 Bentley Campus
A ‘one size fits all’ resume doesn’t work when the average time an employer spends looking at your resume can be as little as 10 seconds. Find out how to successfully capture an employer’s attention.

Lockin China | Monday 3 September | 204.234 Bentley Campus
Whether you’re looking to return home or are interested in an international experience, you can find out about opportunities in China before you graduate!

Cover Letters | Wednesday 5 September | 401.155 Bentley Campus
An employer’s first introduction to you is through your cover letter – what does yours say about you?  Find out how you make sure they want to know more about you.

Design Your Curtin Experience: Future of You | Wednesday 5 September | 410.201 Bentley Campus

Planning your career journey takes time, but there’s a lot you can do now to get started. Explore different tools for planning multiple career paths that fit with your lifestyle.

How Do I Get To Know My Industry? | Wednesday 5 September | 502.101 Bentley Campus
For all Mass Communications students. Understanding your industry will help you to make informed career decisions, tailor your job search and applications, as well identifying potential growth areas.

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