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Professional development prize winner

September 21, 2018 by Curtin CEL Team

Professional development prize winner

Congratulations to our Rio Tinto prize winner, Amberly Kilmartin!

During the recent Careers For Tomorrow Festival, participants had the opportunity to win $1500 towards a professional development opportunity of their choice, thanks to Rio Tinto. To enter the draw, you had to participate in three or more Festival activities and then give us your feedback.

Amberly attended several Festival events, including ‘Being productive and motivated in the digital age‘, ‘Building your intelligent career – the why, how and who‘ and ‘Be a magnet – networking know-how‘.  You can read Amberly’s submission below:

“Throughout the Careers For Tomorrow Festival, I learnt that the key to building a successful career is not in the big, seemingly out-of-reach changes and opportunities we often feel forced to chase in our lives, but rather in the small, everyday steps we can all take. Changes I’ve already been able to implement from these sessions include “unplugging” from Social Media use for a few days to recognise the impact it has on my productivity and taking time to reflect on what I think a successful career for me will be (and not what others think it should be for me)! I also look forward to putting Julia Richardson’s networking tips of the trade into practice during several upcoming events.

For my professional development opportunity, I’ll be participating in the AIM Overseas program: “Immigrants, Human Rights and Society” in Mexico. This opportunity will help build towards my ‘career of tomorrow’ as it aligns with my career dreams of making a social impact, being a change maker in places of injustice, and using my Curtin degree in a global context. I can’t wait!”

Amberly originally nominated an AIM Overseas program as her chosen professional development opportunity. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Amberly was permitted to change her nomination to Stanford University’s International Honors Program.

I will be undertaking the same course of study at Stanford as I would have with AIM Overseas (human rights), and my reasons for wanting to undertake these opportunities are the same.

Thank you to Rio Tinto for their generous sponsorship of this opportunity.

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