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Facing up to a digital interview

April 8, 2019 by Susan Surgener

Facing up to a digital interview

If you’ve applied for any of the many graduate programs on offer, you’ve probably been through a couple of stages of the application process. If you’re still applying, or have just submitted the first part of your application, take some time to quickly review what might be coming up next.

Most organisations will provide information on what to expect and there can be a number of steps. Here’s a recap:

  1. Online applications
  2. Online assessments
  3. Digital/one way video or telephone interview
  4. Assessment centre
  5. Face to face interview

Once you get to the third stage, that’s where the jitters can set in with a looming, dreaded digital interview. Let’s face it, talking to a screen with no two way interaction can be a bit off-putting.

At least nowadays, we’re all pretty comfortable in the digital realm with Messenger, Skype, WhatsApp and a whole host of other face-time interactions, but at least someone is actually talking back at us!

With a video or digital interview, you are really just recording your answer. Some of the video software tools organisations opt to go with will provide you with some practice questions. You get a chance to practice before you record and submit your final piece of dramatisation! Plus, you’ll be given a set time to respond e.g. two minutes.

So preparation is still the same as for any old interview. You just need to get good at being articulate in a short time frame. There’s still no room for waffling on or for taking twenty minutes to get to the punchline.

Key things to work on

  • Get comfortable with the technology. Find a quiet place where you feel relaxed.
  • Remember why you’re interviewing. Which organisation, what role?
  • Practice responding to interview questions and learn how to summarise key information.
  • Look the part, act the part. Why do you think they ought to hire you? Now’s the time to demonstrate that you’re a great applicant with the right company fit.

Check the company to see what info they’ve given out about the application process. Large organisations are pretty open about what the deal is and can provide applicants with all sorts of tips.

If you’re still feeling a bit daunted about recording video responses in a set time, try out our Vieple online interview tool and ask us for feedback. We’re here to help you be the best you can be and to help you get that job.

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