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4 other networking sites you need to know about

August 29, 2019 by Shalinn Yeap

4 other networking sites you need to know about

Everybody knows that LinkedIn is absolutely crucial for networking online, but did you know that there are other networking sites out there that you should keep updated with as well?

Like it or not, networking doesn’t only occur through face-to-face events anymore. More individuals are increasingly turning towards the Internet to find and form those crucial connections. The reasons for this transition are simple:

  1. It’s much more convenient
  2. You’re offered a wider community – global outreach.
  3. It’s more accessible
  4. It serves as a great alternative for those who are intimidated by networking events

With all of this in mind, it’s important to note that LinkedIn isn’t the only viable online networking site and there are many others out there that you could keep up-to-date with in order to succeed at online networking.

Here is a list of some of the most underrated networking sites that have proven to deliver some of the best online networking results:

  • Quora is an online website that prides itself as one of the best places for individuals to share what they know in order to make the world a better place. In short, it is a massive database of knowledge – with many users from all over the world – who are eager to help you in whichever way they can.
    The site operates through a question-answer system, in which Quora users are able to share their proficiencies as well as make known what they seek to learn. Users can reply to posts and blogs in order to form connections and those on the site are able to message users that they follow. Used correctly, Quora has the potential to be an extremely effective source for online networking.
  • XING is a career-focused networking site; which operates in a way that is quite similar to LinkedIn. This online networking site is home to 16 million users, which means that merely joining this site and making your presence known, already opens you up to an entire new world of global, networking opportunities.
    The site is extremely user-friendly and allows you to connect with other professionals – through personalised profiles, discussion forums, community groups and other useful networking features.
    XING also holds events so that you can discover useful conferences, seminars and trade shows.
  • Opportunity is a professional, business, networking site, where those who are hiring and those who are seeking to be hired can create an instant connection for great networking opportunities.
    You can easily import contacts from your Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo account, in order to quickly find your contacts on Opportunity’s platform. Plus, the networking site also utilises its specialised algorithm system to help you find other users who are interested and are in need of your skills and services.
  • Twitter can easily be disregarded or forgotten as ‘just another social media site’ when it’s actually an invaluable tool and one that many people rely on for great online networking opportunities. This statement may seem unbelievable amidst all of the hashtags and colloquial language that comes with the use of Twitter. But, the site’s specialised features are exactly what makes it perfect for professional online networking.
    Thanks to the ability to use hashtags and create threads, Twitter makes it almost too easy for users to find other like-minded people to connect with.
    Just remember to keep your Twitter profile professional – don’t forget to keep it up-to-date with your interests and skillsets – and you’re all set to begin your professional online networking journey!

There are many advantages that come with online networking and, in order for you to succeed at it, it’s absolutely fundamental for you to know where you could be making your professional-self known – as well as how you’re establishing your ‘best’ self online – in order to form those valuable professional connections. Go network!

What to know more about your preferred style of networking? Try out our ‘Stop Googling, Start Networking’ module on Curtin Challenge, then brave up and think about attending one of the many employer or careers event on or off campus – see UniHub Events.

Just back to LinkedIn for a moment – if you’d like to find out more about using your account to it’s full potential, there’s a LinkedIn Workshop on next Wednesday 4 September. It’s followed by a free LinkedIn Photo Booth where Curtin students can have a professional headshot taken.

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