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What’s On 5 – 9 August

August 5, 2019 by Curtin CEL Team

What’s On 5 – 9 August

Welcome to Week Two! We’ve got a bit happening this week. There’s two employers on campus recruiting for some amazing opportunities, and we’ve got a range of workshops available. Plus there’s a free LinkedIn photo booth…

Woodside Digital Vacation Program | Monday 5 August | B410.428
Woodside are looking for innovators and passionate problem solvers from wide range of degrees. Find out about Woodside’s Digital Summer Vacation Program 2019/2020.

Resumes | Monday 5 August | B410.201
Ten to twenty seconds may be all the time an employer spends assessing your resume. How do you make sure you’re in the ‘yes’ pile? 

LinkedIn Photo Booth | Wednesday 7 August | Curtin Connect B102
Need a photo for your LinkedIn profile? Pop into our photo booth for a professional headshot.

Get Noticed | Wednesday 7 August | B402.218
Want to get involved in programs and services which benefit you and your career? Come along to learn more about the services available to you.

Career Teachers | Wednesday 7 August | B104.102
Find out more about living and teaching in London, and ho Career Teachers can help make this happen.

Decision Making Strategies | Thursday 8 August | B300.214
Develop your skills and confidence to make informed career decisions and enhance your capability to successfully navigate your career.

Power Hour – Resumes | Friday 9 August | Curtin Connect B102
Looking for a collaborative environment where you can leverage the experience of others to help you create your best resume?

And, don’t forget, the Careers For Tomorrow Festival 2019 is on next week!

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