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Getting organised

July 3, 2020 by Curtin CEL Team

Getting organised

Bethany is a B-Comms student and a mentee with the Curtin Specialist Mentoring Program (CSMP). Earlier this year, she took part in a video promoting our Quiet 30 initiative at the Curtin Careers Fair to employers. We spoke to Bethany about what she is studying at Curtin, her career plans, and participating in CSMP.

Why accounting and banking?

I chose accounting initially because I liked the teacher who did business related classes in year 8 and 9. I did accounting and finance in year 10 to still have him as a teacher, and I ended up quite liking it so I continued it for WACE and uni.

Banking is a different story. I started in finance and decided it was just a bit too hard for me – with all the Greek letters and formulas I had to remember and my memory is abysmal because of the autism. Looking for a second major, I noticed the banking units interested me as I had done a little bit of it through business law and finance. I also did some mentoring, through PACE, with a personal banker who explained what he did and it seemed pretty interesting.

The combination of accounting and banking means I could help businesses and individuals with their finances.

I would probably like to either work from home as an accountant or be part of a small firm. I tend to get tired very quickly as, with my autism, socialising and just doing a lot of things takes a lot out of me. I need something where I could have my afternoon nap. Both paths would allow me to get my accreditation which is a goal of mine. I haven’t decided which one though.

Joining the Curtin Specialist Mentoring Program…

CSMP was actually my first proper help with autism. I was diagnosed mid-year 12, and all the help I got was extra time in my WACE exams. I had decided to go to Curtin as I was used to the campus from high school trips through Curtin AHEAD. Mum was originally going to try and convince me to go to Murdoch but, after chatting with Jasmine and Theresa who created the CSMP, she was sold. 

The biggest thing my mentors have done over the years is to help me deal with life in general. I have struggled with family issues since leaving primary school and that, on top of uni, is a lot for me. My mentor helps me keep calm and organise my feelings and uni stuff.

Are you inspired by anyone in particular?

My boyfriend – I wouldn’t have got as far as I have without his encouragement. He makes sure I don’t procrastinate and helps me make decisions as this is something I struggle with. He has such good grades and is able to be part of multiple sporting clubs and other extra curricula activities while still achieving highly. If only I could do that.

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