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Putting the AWESOME into arts

August 7, 2020 by Susan Surgener

Putting the AWESOME into arts

To get the lowdown on WA’s 2020 AWESOME Arts Festival and how to get involved, have a listen to our Skills Building podcast with their current Volunteer Coordinator, Jemima Hill.

We discover that there are loads of great opportunities suitable for lots of disciplines, not just the artsy ones! The festival program is amazing, so get creative and join in.

“Awesome values the arts and education which means that we have a very personal approach for all of the children, artists and volunteers who get involved in the event.”

“The reason I think Awesome is a success is simple:
We’ve stuck to our key belief, which is that children deserve the very best, and we’re committed to delivering that with everything we do. It’s because of this that we’ve earned the love and respect of the families, artists and the organisations that we work with, and we’ve demonstrated, by delivering the very best for children, that there’s both a market for this and a need for it in WA.”

“Honestly, the festival’s for anyone who wants to get involved, for sure. We have a huge variety of volunteers who come to the festival for a range of different reasons. Like obviously for theatre, visual arts and education students, the Awesome Festival provides great networking and industry experiences. But we also have, for example, Curtin Business School students who can get a crash course in the logistics of event planning and management. We get community development students who get a window into a variety of community development organisations that we work with to engage their messaging, and we also get students who are interested in moving into a field that works with children volunteer with us to get hands on experience working with young children in a supportive environment.”

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