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Summarise yourself

September 2, 2020 by Susan Surgener

Summarise yourself

The thing about the resumes is that they’re still here! No matter how much tech is changing our work practices and perspectives, your resume is still the go-to-doc needed when you’re looking for a job.

We’ve also got LinkedIn. The biggest growth in LinkedIn users over recent years has been in student accounts. If you have a LinkedIn account listing everything interesting you’re capable of – plus providing a chronological timeline – do you still need a resume? Yes, you do. You probably need both.

One thing to remember about your digital footprint, it’s better if you take charge of it. Employers who recently attended our Careers for Tomorrow Festival appeared to be saying that the first thing they do with any applicant, after checking their resume, is to check them out online. It’s therefore better to be online when the author is you, and it’s not just a bunch of stuff you’re tagged in by others.

Plus, the beauty of spending quality time on all of your job related docs and your online presence is, it makes you really think about you! You get to put all of you in summary. This really helps when you get invited to an interview because it gives you the confidence to speak clearly about how well you fit the job.

Some tips for LinkedIn

  • Spend time on your summary. You spend a great deal of time creating something similar in your resume and cover letter – give it the same attention.
  • Highlight your skills. LinkedIn uses search engine optimisation. Go to online jobs sites and check for current language and terminology relating to jobs you could go for.
  • Say something more in your headline and include your related industries. Make your discipline specific knowledge visible.
  • Create a custom URL with your name and don’t forget to link to this in your resume. Place it under your contact info.

If you’ve never used LinkedIn before, our online Introduction to LinkedIn session might be for you. We’ll look at the logistics of setting up a LinkedIn account, as well as providing an overview of this professional networking platform.

Already have a LinkedIn account, but want some ideas on maximising its effectiveness? Our Making the most of LinkedIn session looks at the basic functionalities and advantages of using LinkedIn, as well as ways to improve your professional profile. 

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