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Forum focused

October 28, 2020 by Harrison Kopp

Forum focused

You probably know what a forum is… part of a bygone era of the internet, and that’s true. Most of them look straight out of the ‘90s and, sure, you have to refresh the page to see new replies show up, but they still connect huge amounts of people in ways other internet sites could only dream of.

There are some great forums out there – one of which, Whirlpool, you may find to be incredibly valuable.

Whirlpool in a nutshell
Just like you’d expect, there are topics and threads, as is usual of forums. Whirlpool does have a more modern UI compared to many other forums, so it shouldn’t seriously offend your internet sensibilities. Whirlpool users are candid, upfront and easy-going. You’ll likely find yourself going down quite a few rabbit-holes. I know I did while researching this article.

Whirlpool forums are huge, and there’s an incredibly wide range of topics, including broadband, mobile devices, networking (the internet kind), computers, the IT industry (of which a large number of forums focus on) and even entertainment.

The section we are most interested in, as students and potential graduates, is the Life section. Relevant topics under this section include Jobs, Education, and Graduate programs.

Some things you can get out of Whirlpool forums
Here’s just some of the useful information you can glean from these threads:

Check Whirlpool out if you’ve got the time, though preferably not in class. Just be sure to watch what you write – potential employers may read your posts, and the last thing you need is Domino’s seeing your rant about pineapple not going on pizza.

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