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Expand your potential

June 15, 2021 by Lauren Robertson

Expand your potential

Those who invest in themselves first – a constant loop of learning, experience and reflection – unlock their potential and therefore, realise their dreams.

Grant Wyatt

During his time at university, Grant Wyatt was like many other students, somewhat uncertain about what life post-uni would look like for him. He worked a part-time retail job while studying, receiving a promotion to duty manager, but didn’t secure a graduate program position. He did however work in roles that offered him the opportunity to explore and understand his strengths, preferences and personal motivators which, over time, gave him clarity on the type of work he wanted to pursue.

Fast forward to 2021 and, with 11 years’ experience in the fast moving consumer goods sector primarily as a human resources professional and leader, Grant has recently shifted his expertise to the pharmaceutical industry, as Head of Human Resources for a contract pharmaceutical business. For him, each opportunity has developed his capacity to influence, understand and lead in different ways.

Join our online webinar Expand Your Potential, Wednesday 30 June from 5pm to 6pm AWST, as Grant shares his key insights into how you can be taking action today to strengthen your own career trajectory, including:

  • Constantly aiming at your purpose
  • Using your strengths for service
  • Being resilient.

Expand Your Potential is part of our Graduate Gateway: Plan, Apply, Prepare series of interactive, online workshops covering planning ahead for the career you want, job applications, and preparing for the professional workplace.

Explore the complete Graduate Gateway schedule and register for the sessions that interest you.

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