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Hello world

May 27, 2022 by Kelly Kendall-Jones

Hello world

Ever wondered how you might enrich your studies and extend your life experience to a global stage? Wanting to expand your horizons and become completely immersed in a new culture? Keen to build up those all-important employability skills, such as communication, leadership, adaptability and interpersonal skills?

Well, now that the world is opening back up, have you considered embarking on an overseas opportunity? If I’ve caught your attention, then keep reading to find out about Curtin’s Go Global program!

Go Global opportunities are open to both domestic and international students. To be eligible, you’ll need to have completed at least one full year of your studies and be in good standing academically. If you’re ticking the boxes so far, you could find yourself on a flight to your destination of choice in no time!

Programs on offer include internship opportunities, semester and year-long exchange programs, intercampus student exchanges, short-term programs, and study tours – which means you can tailor a program to suit. And the best part? You’ll have the Go Global team supporting you through the whole process!

Think studying overseas is out of reach financially? Maybe not! There are a range of scholarships and funding available to assist you. What’s more, if you opt for an exchange program with a partner university, you’ll only pay domestic fees rather than international student ones. Plus, if your overseas studies align with your current degree, you’ll receive credits for completed units.

Curtin graduate Tiffany had always known that she wanted to do a semester abroad and, in 2018, travelled to Ryerson University in Canada for its renowned journalism program.

Ryerson had great facilities, focused journalism learning opportunities, and the quality of staff and education were excellent. Exchange definitely helped my confidence and all-round maturity because it was my first time having to manage personal finances, book flights, organise my visa and find health insurance.

If you opt for an internship opportunity, you’ll gain first-hand experience working in your chosen industry and experiencing the professional world. You’ll also develop valuable skills, which will potentially give you a competitive advantage when you return home. And it looks great on your resume!

In 2019, Curtin graduate Conor Noone was given the opportunity to complete an internship in Delhi and Kochi, India, through his Urban Planning degree. He chose this global opportunity not only for its academic opportunities, but also for its culturally immersive environment. Conor encourages other students to take up a Go Global opportunity.

You get to be totally engrossed in another culture that is completely different from your own. Every day is interesting. I was there for the cultural experience, not only the internship.

If you’re already digging out your passport in anticipation, be mindful there’s a lot to consider and you’ll want to be as well informed as possible. According to the Go Global team, preparation is key, and the earlier you start planning, the better. It’s recommended you allow at least three to six months to prepare before you embark on your chosen adventure.

So where to start?
First, check out Go Global for program offerings and details. Then, book in to an information session to get all your questions answered.

We can’t wait to hear about your adventure!

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