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About Careers for Tomorrow

The Curtin Careers team consists of career and industry specialists who provide Curtin students with resources andĀ opportunities to support professional development and maximise chances of graduate employment.
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Broaden Your Horizons

  • Explore different perspectives on industry trends, working abroad and starting your own business
    Career Planning

  • Learn more about how you build your most valuable asset
    Getting Experience

  • Get advice about how to grow as a professional and get ready for an ever-evolving workforce
    Developing Your Skills

Connect With Industry

  • Broaden your industry awareness and connect with your favourite employers
    Employer Profiles

  • Develop your in-person and online networking skills and activate your hidden job market
    Building Networks

  • Get advice on all areas of career planning from Employers and Curtin Alumni
    All News & Media

Apply for Jobs

  • Get advice and support for all aspects of the job application process
    Job Search

  • Discover current opportunities from volunteer roles to graduate programs
    Job Opportunities

  • Understand what employers look for in candidates and what will make you stand out
    Employer Profiles

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