Shelby Baile

Shelby is a fourth year student at Curtin University, and is currently completing a work placement with Curtin Careers, Employment & Leadership.
After finishing high school she made the ambitious decision to study a double degree in Professional Writing and Publishing and in Public Relations. She hasn’t looked back since. Studying both Commerce and Humanities has given Shelby valuable insights and experience in both fields; she enjoys writing in a variety of mediums, and on anything that catches her interest.
During her studies she has also had the opportunity to travel and see the world and, throughout her time at Curtin, has completed student exchanges in both Canada and Norway. She believes that these experiences have given her a greater perspective of the world around her, and has encouraged her to be more open to opportunities and confident in her abilities.
Shelby believes in taking chances and grabbing an opportunity when you see it. Sure, you might not end up getting it, but you might just end up on the other side of the world - climbing fjords in a country you’d only ever dreamed about.

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