Stuart Hunter

Stuart Hunter is a Career Development Consultant who works closely with the Humanities faculty as part of Curtin University’s Careers Employment & Leadership team. Also possessing an Arts degree - he completed a BA in Drama and Theatre Arts at uni in London (the home of theatre and not any of the other Londons!) – Stuart has performed at both the Edinburgh and New York international fringe festivals, before moving on to work both on stage and backstage.

In the ultimate change of direction, he moved into postgraduate study in Careers Guidance in 2010. He has since worked with job seekers of all backgrounds: from Refugees, lone parents and long term unemployed individuals in low-social economic areas of London, to working alongside Mental Health clinical teams in New Zealand; supporting individuals with health challenges to live their employment dreams as part of their recovery and path to wellness. And, of course, university students.

Stuart is passionate about supporting students to create their own unique journey, combining passion with knowledge - so they can be where they want to be, when they want to be there - and, hopefully, enjoying themselves along the way.

Stressed? It’s OK

April 17, 2019

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