Crisis talks

April 28, 2022

So, you’re about half-way through your current course of study, and you’ve got some niggling doubts about why you’re studying your chosen degree, where it’s going to lead you and if you’re really... Read More

Top 5 tips for first semester

March 4, 2022

So now that you've got to know us, here's our top tips for things to do this semester that will help you get your future career off to a flying start: Join Curtin Volunteers! Volunteering with CV! gives you... Read More

Planning ahead

January 6, 2022

Wow, here we are again, the start of another year. Looking back, how would you write your ‘year in review’? 2021 may not have exceeded your expectations, but hopefully it still ticked some boxes for you.... Read More

Captain your own ship

December 9, 2021

Our team recently attended a presentation comprised of a panel of four recent graduates, who shared with us some reflections on what it’s like out there in the real world, post-uni. Not only were their... Read More

Where are you heading?

December 1, 2021

Some people love to have a plan. They plan a weekly menu ahead of time. They plan their social life six months in advance. And on holidays, they’ve got a complete itinerary mapped out. Others are a little... Read More

Creating your own path

August 6, 2021

Are you someone who can’t decide what career path is right for you? Perhaps your interests are spread wide over many different fields rather than just one, or maybe the constraints that come with working a... Read More

Professionally prepared

June 21, 2021

So, you've landed a job and are about to embark on the journey you've been preparing for since you enrolled in your course! Maybe you are about to start a graduate program, vacation work or an industry... Read More

Prepare for the Fair

March 16, 2021

The Curtin Careers Fair is on from 11am to 2pm Wednesday 17 March. We thought we'd provide you with some more info to help you make the most of this event... For information on how to register and... Read More

The greatest teacher, failure is

November 4, 2020

You’ve probably heard the cliché about success being the culmination of several failures, and yes, it is a cliché, but it is completely true. Failure is a part of life as much as success is. The very... Read More

Position yourself early

July 27, 2020

We all know that 1st year is the foundation for what’s to come. You’re eased in gently to find your feet with your subject matter. It’s the calm before the storm - preparing you for a pile of discipline... Read More