Transferable skills can get you the job

August 27, 2019

As part of the Careers For Tomorrow Festival, I attended the ‘Career Adaptation: Become a flexible professional’ workshop. The focus was on transferable skills and I could see students attending felt... Read More

Challenge yourself online

July 29, 2019

Welcome to all Curtin newbies starting this week! It’s the beginning of the new semester and there’s so much to get your head around. You’ll probably be spinning with all the extra stuff you can now... Read More

An insight into New to Curtin mentors

May 15, 2019

We recently met up with New to Curtin mentors from different backgrounds and degrees to talk about their involvement with the program. Zaneta is a 4th year Psychology student who has been a part of the... Read More

Stressed? It’s OK

April 17, 2019

Although stress is defined as a mental health issue, we will all experience periods of stress throughout our lives. In fact, the fun people at the Australian Bureau of Statistics found that 45% of Australians... Read More

Making the most of a policy internship

April 4, 2019

Emily Delks, a final year BA International Relations student, is passionate about human rights, social justice and community development. Through her studies she has advanced her knowledge of the devastating... Read More

Staying positive

March 27, 2019

We've been talking a lot lately about the often arduous task of applying for grad programs, vac work and internships. Whether you submit ten job applications or a hundred, the chances of you receiving at least... Read More

Gateway to the Future

January 10, 2019

As we settle in to the new year, we thought we could take a look back at a recent highlight from 2018... Over 400 Curtin students gave up some of their time at the end of last semester to attend our... Read More

Are You A Stress Mess?

October 11, 2018

As the end of semester creeps up on us, you may have noticed an increase in frazzled, anxious students rushing around campus or falling asleep in the library. And chances are you’re in the same stress-filled... Read More

What’s Your Story?

October 1, 2018

Once upon a time branding was a term used solely to refer to businesses and products. Nowadays branding has taken on a far more varied meaning. Whether you know it or not, you are the owner of a personal... Read More

Don’t be a lone wolf

September 18, 2018

It’s assessment centre time for many students who’ve been applying for vacation programs and those later-in-the-year-applications for graduate programs. Which means, wait for it… group work! Now is... Read More