Welcome to the gig economy

November 25, 2020

You may have heard talk of a ‘gig economy’. You’ve probably been hearing it a lot more lately. But what is it? And why is it named after a term used by musicians? Well, there’s an answer to both those... Read More

Numbers count

November 24, 2020

You may know someone who works as a tutor, or maybe someone who writes articles for a website. ‘Pretty simple stuff that second one’, you may think. Sit down at computer; write; publish; make moolah. And,... Read More

Workplace Update #17

November 23, 2020

This is our Workplace Update for November, and the current lay of the land around the ongoing effects of Covid-19. We touch on the impact on international students and international travel. Then we look at the... Read More

Going it alone

November 19, 2020

If you’ve been following the recent gig economy, you’ll know a great deal about ABNs, gigging, and some of the companies that are involved in it. If you’re just tuning into this one, keep an eye out as... Read More

Insights into industry

October 22, 2020

Looking around on social media, I’ve got the impression that the best and worst thing about university is that no one tells you what to do. That’s a bit of a misrepresentation though - assessment-wise,... Read More

Workplace Update #16

October 7, 2020

This is our first Workplace Update in a month, and we’ve been hearing a lot about the further impacts of COVID-19. We consider where we’re at with all things Coronavirus and the WA Roadmap Phases, any... Read More

Rights at the workplace

September 21, 2020

International students are, understandably, not always across a new country's work practices. Or, their rights in the workplace. Employment law and what's the norm in the workplace can differ from country to... Read More

Workplace Update #15

September 2, 2020

Here we are in spring already – how did that happen? COVID-19 is still with us, and quite possibly for some time to come. In the west, we have certainly been luckier than most. However, it still pays to be... Read More

Industry Q&A

August 18, 2020

We recently spoke in-depth with Alexander Kristoff, Graduate Development Program Coordinator for the Department of Health Western Australia, about their Graduate Development Program 2021. We got some great... Read More

Workplace Update #14

August 17, 2020

Welcome back everyone, as we return after a short break, with Workplace Update #14. We still find ourselves in COVID-19 Recovery Road Map Phase 4, with Phase 5 being slightly postponed. Despite this, job... Read More