Industry Q&A

August 18, 2020

We recently spoke in-depth with Alexander Kristoff, Graduate Development Program Coordinator for the Department of Health Western Australia, about their Graduate Development Program 2021. We got some great... Read More

Workplace Update #14

August 17, 2020

Welcome back everyone, as we return after a short break, with Workplace Update #14. We still find ourselves in COVID-19 Recovery Road Map Phase 4, with Phase 5 being slightly postponed. Despite this, job... Read More

Workplace Update #13

July 22, 2020

We've had a little break due to the mid-semester break but we’re back, so welcome to Workplace Update #13. These past couple of weeks we’ve considered still being in Covid-19 Recovery Road Map Phase 4... Read More

Workplace Update #12

June 24, 2020

For this week’s Workplace Update we focus on WA moving to Phase 4 of the Recovery Roadmap. While there are still delays to our borders opening, things are looking hopeful for interstate travel and for... Read More

Workplace Update #11

June 16, 2020

This week’s Workplace Update looks at recent changes regarding COVID-19. While there is downside, with increased unemployment, we’re hopeful that less restrictions will see the return to business as normal... Read More

Workplace Update #10

June 10, 2020

We thought we’d switch things up a little this week. As life slowly gets back to ‘normal’, we thought we’d focus a little more on vacation programs, graduate programs and graduate positions. And,... Read More

Workplace Update #9

June 4, 2020

Well, we said it last week but this week we’re even closer to ‘back to normal’ or, at least, the new norm! Workplace Update #9 - is it really 9 weeks already! - has a look at the easing of restrictions... Read More

Workplace Update #8

May 26, 2020

Workplace Update #8 and we’re slowly moving towards the ‘new norm’ – whatever that may look like! As social distancing morphs into physical distancing, we have a look at a number of recent releases.... Read More

Workplace Update #7

May 19, 2020

Welcome to phase two of WA’s recovery roadmap! What does this mean? Cafes, restaurants, gyms and community facilities are reopening, regional travel restrictions are being reduced, and school is back.... Read More

Workplace Update #6

May 12, 2020

With Western Australia preparing to head into stage two of our recovery roadmap, this week's Workplace Update takes a closer look at what that actually means, and how it could affect you. Changes coming... Read More