Busting myths about Australian workplaces

May 7, 2018

There's been a bit of talk recently about the exploitation of young and inexperienced employees, especially in regards to in unpaid internships. Unfortunately, it's not just those in unpaid roles that... Read More

Top Intern Programs 2018

May 3, 2018

If you’re not sure where to begin searching for a vacation internship, a quick glance at the best intern programs in Australia isn’t a bad place to start. The Australian Association of Graduate Employers... Read More

Curtin Careers Fair 2018 Sponsors

March 13, 2018

This year, we are fortunate to have the support of six fantastic sponsors: IGO We are a proud Western Australian with a bigger vision. IGO are a leading diversified mining, development and exploration... Read More

Prepare for the Fair

March 8, 2018

We're a week out from the Curtin Careers Fair 2018, so now's the time to plan how you're going to make the most of it. It's ok if you just want to drop in and get a feel of what it's all about, but there are... Read More

Glancing at the job market

December 5, 2017

If you’ve become a serial job hunter in your last semester and have your Seek or Indeed profile linked to your email, you may have noticed over the past 11 months that job advertisements have been non-stop... Read More

Visual media attracts attention

November 27, 2017

Do you cringe at the thought of dealing with numbers, reading graphs or trying to make sense of statistics? You’re not alone – with research reflecting that many of us are visual learners who prefer to make... Read More